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Proyect? Moone Jazzers[UPL 036] Proyect? Moone Jazzers - The Murders Of The Static (2011)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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"The Murders Of The Static" is a riveting concept album about a schizophrenic mass murderer, falling deeper and deeper into the chasm of his insanity, a musical journey through beautiful songs and disturbing, multi-instrumental soundscapes, a combination of inspired melodicism and dark, psychedelic atmosphere, at the darkest moments invoking tormented soundscapes by Current 93 or Dead Raven Choir.

And here is the back story as the composer describes it:

The Murderer of the static was a man who had an odd mind, he was schizophrenic, he had times when he was normal, and the weird thoughts within his brain were calm, but when they started to move he had a great urge to murderer people, and he always left a radio or a television turned on but with static on them to try and muffle the sounds of his mind. He killed and unknown number of people but at least 200 people on his own. At times he had these urges and recorded them as music. He recorded it as a therapy but upon listening to them he would go out and come dripping blood and pieces of muscle...

As you listen to his works you realize that some songs are smooth, some are harsh and violent, like "Schizophrenya Of The World Beeing Eaten By The Feet Of Men" where a particularly vivid delusion of the world's disgraces being caused by the feet of people caused a great deal of violence to surge from within him. Some are calm and are the reflection of the delusions that had no relation with violence like "Moon That Cries" a ballad where the weird guitar reflects the face of the moon distorted by the tears of pain, another delusion.

The end is marked by the suicide of the murderer, his disease is so severe that where he was safe he now is threatened by himself, he sees enemies where nothing is, he rambles on in different languages at some point, he makes no sense, his mind collapses and in the end he hangs himself. I came by and old wrecked house, I went in for some unknown reason and found a corpse with a rotting noose around its neck, I was disgusted at first but something attracted me to it, I searched the rubble around it and I found an mp3 recorder that had some of these tracks and I took it home and against the will of its creator I now present to you "The Murders Of The Static". But something awkward has happened: three days later, when I went to the house again the corpse was gone and so was the noose...Where could have he gone?"

This audio is part of the collection: Underpolen
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

Artist/Composer: Proyect? Moone Jazzers
Date: 2011
Keywords: Proyect? Moone Jazzers, The Murders Of The Static, Underpolen, Concept album, Piano, Multi instrumental, amateur,

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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001_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Before_The_Murder.wma 749.5 KB
650.9 KB
1.4 MB
002_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-A_Chaotic_Flute.wma 1.9 MB
1.2 MB
2.2 MB
003_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Bus_Beat.wma 565.9 KB
506.0 KB
1.0 MB
004_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Piano_Sollo.wma 2.2 MB
1.3 MB
4.2 MB
005_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Guitar_Ship.wma 1.3 MB
824.0 KB
1.8 MB
006_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Last_Sunrise.wma 1.6 MB
825.2 KB
2.9 MB
007_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Sea.wma 3.3 MB
2.2 MB
4.9 MB
008_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Death_Of_The_Things_You_Love_The_Most_In_A_Most_Theatrical_Way_Like_That_Opera_At_The_Besancon_Theater_Was.wma 6.2 MB
3.1 MB
11.9 MB
009_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Compass.wma 2.9 MB
1.3 MB
4.6 MB
010_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Schizophrenya_of_the_world_beeing_eaten_by_the_feet_of_men.wma 2.1 MB
1.2 MB
2.8 MB
011_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Gamble.wma 2.0 MB
1.3 MB
2.9 MB
012_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Black_Mirrors_And_Shattering_Stars_or_How_The_World_Will_Be_After_The_Murderer_Finishes_His_job_and_everything_is_Back_To_Normal.wma 3.7 MB
3.3 MB
7.3 MB
013_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Shiziano.wma 5.9 MB
4.7 MB
10.7 MB
014_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Murderer_Of_The_Static.wma 6.6 MB
5.1 MB
10.7 MB
015_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Murders_in_the_Static.wma 567.3 KB
416.8 KB
214.0 KB
016_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Roads.wma 4.1 MB
2.0 MB
4.2 MB
017_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-How_The_Moon_Said_Good-Bye_To_The_Ocean_After_The_UFO_Took_Off_Upon_Creating_The_Human_Species_Using_A_Virus_And_A_Special_Monkey.wma 3.2 MB
2.8 MB
6.2 MB
018_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Moon_That_Cries.wma 1.6 MB
1.2 MB
2.9 MB
019_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Warning.wma 5.4 MB
4.6 MB
10.4 MB
020_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Broadcast.wma 443.3 KB
341.9 KB
610.5 KB
021_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Atlantic_Distortions_Of_Sound_And_Space_Through_The_Breaths_Of_A_Leviathan.wma 1.1 MB
1.0 MB
2.2 MB
022_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Chaos_Of_Blood.wma 3.6 MB
2.8 MB
6.4 MB
023_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-Disarrangements_Of_a_flute_about_to_get_the_lethal_injection_on_life_row.wma 1.3 MB
1.2 MB
2.5 MB
024_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-From_Another_Planet_A_Sound_Came_Crying_From_The_Skies_And_The_Elder_Whom_Got_It_Saw_The_Ending_Of_The_Beginings--This_Was_It.wma 15.7 MB
6.8 MB
25.5 MB
025_Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_End_Of_The_Muderer_Of_The_Static.wma 10.9 MB
9.5 MB
20.5 MB
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Proyect_Moone_Jazzers-The_Murders_Of_The_Static-front.jpg 282.8 KB
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